We are intelligent content, a technical & business content
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We write technical and business content for
professionals. Objective, researched and
fact-based. At a level appropriate for a
skilled and intelligent audience.


We make complex or technical concepts understandable, conveying information at a level appropriate for your audience. We use experienced, educated,  mature, English-speaking writers, editors, and proofreaders. All have had senior technical or professional careers, with extensive life experience.

You're the expert in your field; let us explain it to the world.

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Client Opinions


We have worked with Intelligent Content for over two years, and they have consistently produced great content in the industrial niche ... our bar for "great content" is pretty high. When you find someone who understands technical subjects and ... communicates them in a clear and concise manner, you do not let them go.

Dario Supan
CMO at Point Visible

Intelligent Content lives up to its name. They have written highly technical website content on aviation cleaning products that we could not have produced on our own.

Kevin Pawlowski
Marketing Communication Manager at Techspray

I recommend Intelligent Content for customers who require a deep understanding of the technical and technological aspects of the topic of the article. All work was done very competently and on time. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Nota Bola
Content Management at ATN Europe

Having worked with multiple content writers ... I can confidently say that Intelligent Content is the best I have worked with. Their technical expertise permeates their writing. David met all deadlines, and he quickly got the hang of my style requirements. Intelligent Content is the agency ... if you are looking for ... uncomplicated explanations of difficult technical topics.

Artur Kudriavcev
Director at Caiman Ventures

Intelligent Content was terrific to work with. David was incredibly responsive and collaborative. We look forward to working with Intelligent Content again.

Dyan Finkhousen
Chief Strategy Officer at Open Assembly (UST Partner)

I'm delighted to have Intelligent Content as my main publishing partner for over a year. As a site proud of its community and professionally curated content, Intelligent Content was and still is the go-to firm to create and maintain content at the highest levels.

Nir Levy
Director at Wood Improve

Intelligent Content was the answer to a very complicated and niche industry that we were looking to develop SEO content for. David developed content that was both aligned to the target audience and in a manner that exceeded our expectations. He picked up our internal processes in no time and delivered content that needed no revisions from our Content Manager. Whilst we only worked together for a short period, I highly recommend Intelligent Content for any technical content work.

Oliver Caprile
Founder at Evolving Digital



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